Scholarship Information

Scholarship List:  The above link takes you to a list of scholarships available to West Seniors.  The list will be updated through the school year, and we recommend students check it on a regular basis.  We also encourage you to explore the below links:

Scholarship Application Tips: 

Avoiding Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams: 

Letters of RecommendationSome scholarships will ask for letters of recommendation from your school counselor.  To help with this process, please follow the below steps. 


  • First, identify that you need a letter of recommendation from your school counselor for your application.
  • Complete the below forms.  One is for you and one is for a parent/guardian or other adult that knows you well.
  • Email your school counselor that you need a letter or recommendation and that you've completed the below forms.
  • Your school counselor will set up a time to meet with you to go over your response and ask additional questions so we can write you a strong letter or recommendation
  • Student "Brag" sheet: 
  • Parent/Guardian "Brag" sheet: