Parent or Guardian Resources

This page includes links to helpful articles and information for parents in our West community. If you are looking for area resources to help support you and/or your child, see the “Community Resources” section under “Student Services”.

SMW Student Services has a Canvas page your student can access!  This page has lots of important information for students.  We suggest having your student log in and show you all that's there!

Helping your student with the College Application Process

College Application Deadlines for Fall 2023 Admission:  Understanding Terminology

College Search Engines:

College Navigator: (Links to an external site.) This site allows you to search for schools based on major, location, special programs, sports etc.

collegexpress: (Links to an external site.) This site allows you to search for schools based on lists (Top culinary schools, hidden gem schools, schools with the best financial aid packages etc.)

Niche: (Links to an external site.)  This site gathers feedback from students at colleges to give prospective students inside information on the school, its programs, its reputation etc.

BigFuture: (Links to an external site.) This site allows you to search for colleges based on location, majors, college type, and campus life.

goingmerry: (Links to an external site.) This site allows you to search and apply for scholarships.


Does your student need a letter of recommendation? 

You can help the recommender by completing the below form.  Once you’ve completed it, email your student’s counselor that you’ve submitted the form.  Letter of Recommendation Brag Sheets for Parents


  • First, identify that your student’s application requires a letter of recommendation from your school counselor.

  • Complete the below forms.  One is for you and one is for your student.

  • Have your student email his/her/their school counselor that a letter is required and that the below forms have been completed

  • Student "Brag" sheet:

  • Parent/Guardian "Brag" sheet:

Information on Scholarships and Financial Aid


Financial Aid Information:  See for information on the different types of federal student aid and qualification requirements.  This is also the site you use to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Your student and all adults that claims your student on their taxes as a dependent needs to create an account through this website in order to complete the FAFSA.  The form opens for submissions Oct 1st each year. 

Additional Information